for Maya the danish, and her truest love

Smiling he recites
His love unabashed
Her encouraging words understood
Laughter encouraging the blossom
Of love. His attempt to speak, gutteral
Her language as she laughs, in love
Playful, hands stroking each additional tone
From strange lips, she swaps to English
In love he continues. To prove
His knowledge, dedication to her mother tongue
True love spoken, encouraging hands
A kiss to light the way, deep sigh to mark the time
Is now for sweetest love. Even deeper he goes,
Bringing her down to personal soul
Continuing the stretch to her understanding
Refusing to speak his own mother’s tongue
He shows his truest love, this is dedication
He is in for the long hall, and to interrupt
Even to say, ‘Bravo’ is sacriledge
The worst of life’s crimes against true loves
They do not need reminder or help
They are in their own world
He loves, and is loved in return.
Someday this joy will be mine
To cherish, but not interrupt.

2 thoughts on “for Maya the danish, and her truest love”

  1. Sorry, you weren’t on that train. Send me some more mental images of your true love and I’ll see if I can scratch a poem together… 🙂

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