Breathe easy sigh, for tomorrow comes, without where or why

A slight collapse,
Weight baring bridge sagging
Under one load too many
One more admission of defeat
Another day older, uglier
Here for life, if not forever
Eyes wide in a silent wish
To stay here, but that is not
What makes me sad, this is
Not the sadness of sagging defeat
But the release of pent-up pressure
All too long held at bay, with
Nothing more than pure iron will
Now wilted beneath the glaring truth
That I am but human, another one
Like all others I see, not super, just am
How hard is this to take, why does it
Feel like such complete and utter
Collapsedefeatlossfailure, that only
The reminder of greater good, stronger people
Keeps this frail emotional web from collapsing completely
Gossamer threads once strong as steel, and as reliable,
Now tremble with vibrations of moving earth, as if
My very basis of reality were shifting
To let in the bare light of truth, my fear
That all this will reveal is the dangling bare bulb
Of life’s saddest joke, and seeing this
I would need to close the door on reality once again
Turn to my child and say,
All is rosey, all is love,
All is beauty, knowing full well that
What I stated verbatim was pure lie,
How would this earth-shattering revelation leave me,
No more a shell than I am right now
Mirages of my own making stand all around
As lost shrouds befuddle a boy standing stock still
The breath of some ancient beast fogging up
The air behind the sheets of ice-thin reality, no more
These are all just excuses, a long enough reason
To twist and turn my way to harshest reality
That all will be well, no matter how hard or not I try
For that is the way of all things
Life beats on through the heart of another.

After all, I am spent,
And dog gone tired,
This silly little dance, a final pirhuoette
And then the fall,
That same thundering internal silence
That comes to take us each
What’s more?
Nothing. Everything.

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