Every day, reminded by
Emotional knick-knacks,
Learned skills haunting me
With my past, a cow speckled
Single shot espresso maker
Abilities to cook schnitzel
With my eyes closed, a photo
Glimpsed in passing, one more
Of a million waltzes across
My living room floor, all tearing
Me to shreds, my heart constantly
Remade, like clockwork put together
Like a spring unsprung again at the end of the cycle,
Tears unshed for lives not lived,
Or those who have passed on
Having lived their lives full,
If not fulfilled, this is just another echo,
One more drop in the bucket
Of despair, I have none, for life
Is good, full of love and loss
Happiness and pain in
Equal measure, just as it
Is meant to be, this is life
This is me, another echo of love lost,
Brings me crashing back to heaven’s cushioned earth,
One more reminder, of life lived
As yet to be fulfilled, all is good life,
A promise better, never whispered.

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