the ride

This is the ride, come join us
Come one, come all,
Come rise, come fall,
Come see the show,
Feel the pull, don’t fight
The flow, it’s all natural
Synthetic vibe from heart,
Another up, another down
One more in, two more out
Naked as the day we were
Born, once again riding the
Storm, not quite sure why
This is the norm, but
It is, so there, come one
Come all, join the jamboree,
the mardi gras, the fun
The party, not parting,
No pardon in sight, no insight
You’ll see, just from you
And me, the same hateful conclusion,
This is my plate, of love, not hate,
Sacrifice, passion unspent, life lived
Unvent, unwind and you’ll
Find yourself sharing, my plate,
Full to brimming with love,
Not hate, not wanting you’ll see
This is the way ‘to be’,
As Shakespeare said, from beyond
The grave, nothing ever so bold
Or so brave, but the same taste,
Shared life, no hunger, more strife,
For what it’s worth, this is love
This is life, no more hatred, nor
Anger unsaid, the rhythm pounding
Headache, sans head, this is life
This is us, just human.

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