richmond cyclist girl

trip in
to london town
making my way
with the crowds.

i got as far
as Paddington
when I met someone
worth talking to,
for a while.

We spoke for moments
long enough to raise interest
when i walked away
saying, ‘have a good day’
dissapointment in her voice
later resonating
deep inside.

I should have taken
at least a number,
i wanted to, but realised
too late, this was just another
opportunity lost.

Maybe someday soon
I’ll see my Richmond cyclist girl
maybe someday she’ll see this poem
and remember me
by the Bagel Factory.

Just wanted to say,
‘Hiya!’ and sorry for not having the
common sense, or guts
to ask for your number
til it was too late.

I hope you had a really good day.


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