chance encounters

I met the most delectable lady,
On a joyous romp to the netherest
Reaches of nothern Wales, she
Shone like the brightest soul in a
Room full of heart-warming light,
Each individual seemingly hand-
Picked for luminosity, a single rose
Out blossoming the rest, if only to
My own life-trained eye, smiling
She seemed all the more beautiful
Then we danced to it all, good
And bad, the songs did not matter,
Cheesy glitter ball suspended on
Makeshift wooden shaft, the high
Darkwood ceilings swallowing, not
Echoing the noise enveloping us,
Then later, a touch stolen, hands
Healing worn in compassionate
Care, eyes bright as her smile, she
Made me happy to be alive, then
Let me down softly with reality,
Someone else held her heart’s
Warm embrace, even from afar,
In which knowledge I am happy,
Giving all that I have to give, a
Smile, kindness in wisdom and
The best wishes for the future,
She is gone, leaving the softest
Touch, memory’s invisible imprint,
Her permanent impression on my Soul, love, strength and beauty.

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