download my first ever (free) eBook – Poemetics, a compilation of poetry!

I did it! Eureka! An ebook, at long last! – Have a gander at Poemetics Volume 1 – The Day I Forgot to be Sad.

Ok, so it is not in ePub format, but it’s a start! Today, PDF formatted ebooks. Tomorrow, the world! 🙂 (It was not as easy as it looks.)

This is the first of several free-ebook compilations of my writing, some of it from right here on, like this first compilation. Others will be from unpublished work.

Amazon Kindle and iBookstore do not take PDF’s so I have to crack the conversion from Doc to HTML to ePub (the last bit is actually relatively easy) without losing all of the hard work formatting I did, and without having to spend over £1400 on ‘Adobe Indesign’ software…but I am still hacking away at it.

Who needs sleep anyway? I say to heck with it! Sleep is over-rated. A piffling thing like getting my z’s is not going to stop me from world domination.

So come on, help me out, spread the word. Pass on my eBook to all and sundry…let’s see if I can’t find enough poetry lovers out there to start pulling them back and critiquing my work – everyone loves to give advice and here I’m asking for it, so…

…does my bum look big in this? 😉

Til next time,

Yours Truly,

mE (Em)

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