i do not know

…if we’re truly aware
That each time we cross the road
Stepping out into that vast abyss
Of today and forever tomorrow, if
We truly understand the gravitas
Of the step we take, that we
Ourselves, are trusting in faith,
Believing in the base sanity of
Others, putting our hands in the
Lives of total strangers, as if
It were the most natural thing to do
Yet at the same time, each day
We bitch and quarrel, love and hate,
Judge and are judged, by those
Same people, friends, family, total
Strangers, in front of whom we place
Our lives, every day, as if it were the most
Natural thing to do, as if the madness of one
Small moment, a shuddering nerve-ending
Misfired synapse, could not plunge
Their foot to the floor, and all of our
Vanish in instant blackness, the
Echoes of crying voices, twisted metal,
Broken bones and forgotten dreams,
Lives changed for those involved, forever
For those who watch are involved as well,
All just a momentary lapse, a shuddering muscle spasm,
A foot slipped from break to gas,
Moment frozen in time, the scene
Painted like an illusion on the minds
Of those who cannot stop it,
Even those involved, once set in action
This thing cannot be undone, and so
We stand and watch, or sit and cringe,
Or take the hit and fall, each one of us
Changed irrevocably and forever,
Telling ourselves that we will be more
Careful ourselves next time, or
Damning ourselves for a lapse of concentration
Or taking the hit and praying to live.

Yet time passes, not much really,
Just enough though, and we are left
Stepping thoughtlessly into the street
Putting our faith into total strangers,
People we would not invite into our home,
Into our lives, for we do not know
Them, instead we put our lives
In their hands.

And we are the sane ones?

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