not so bad

So, not as to be expected, no
This is not another heart wrenching
Angst-driven poem, but rather
Something altogether different.

Whether it is the Valentine bug,
Or just the sheer joy of a week
Away from the hour to hour to
And fro of everyday office life,
I guess I will never know.

Yet I am pleased as punch, so
Much so that the two-bit punk
With his weapon-on-a-leash dog
Shouting retributive vile at me,
After I verbally defended a tube
Worker, did nothing to dampen
My spirits.

Life is good, two-bit waste-of-space,
Resource gobbling, drunk, violent
Punks or no.

Which is worse? Rich bankers,
Pocketing our hard earned tax
Dollars as ‘bonus’ millions, or
The loser that gets drunk and
Abusive, not realising we’re
Paying for him too?

A welfare state leaves a lot
To think about…

Yet again, I
Come back to this feeling
Of a day well spent, learning
Dryest of studies, in scintillating

Thanks for the break, travel
Included, from the everyday
That can become so very

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