the urge of frustration

Irritating habits die hard beneath
The flying frustration filling fiddley
Finagling, seriously slippery sycophantic
Sarcasm stays solid so sly, yet
Forever headache inducing grumpy
Attitude, this is just a single moment
In time, another well-ended day of
Turmoil unmet, unmatched and
Mostly unknown, the wilds, grass
Growing wildly out of control, excess
Emotion un-mown, hairy peace, yet
No peace at all, this centred grunt
The desire to lash in, not out, to
Strike self where no one else can
Reach, because I can, you get me,
Because I can.

But I won’t. Because it is silliness,
Plain wasted emotion, spent timing
The train’s not here yet, work still
Latent on my mind, the inertia of
Irritating subthoughts, bubbling
Burp-like to surface-mind, the smell and
Taste as stale-rank as any true
Gaseous emission, just one more
Burst bubble of impure thought-
Feeling, rough-edged colliding-
Word poetry-making sorts, all sorts
Bub-bubbling away, yet here I sit
Unable to stem the flow, oh to
Light a cigarette, down a shot, do
Something, step outside of this life
Knot that life itself is not bearable,
Yet something else in its entirety,
Terrible urge to bite fingers to the
Quick, scream from the depths of
Hellish guts, burning chest, the one
Word guttural remains of the day,
And yet as I write this, instead of
Releasing the demons and calming
The soul, the dance continues madly,
Staked and tied to the whole, there
Is no more sequential thought than
This, the rush to the end of that
Dark-edged abyss, the self-same
Pit that so many dodge round,
Some even float over, some crawl
On the ground, yet I stand stricken
Looking down deep inside, the
Monster inside of me called out
To ride, that great last one single
Adrenalin rush, to the bottom of
Hell, our own personal bend, the
Life of love and happiness spiked
On the end.

Still light dances the magic
The heart has not done, still
Singing the niceandquick, that spin
To the end, the DJ’s winding down,
The music’s turned off, the lights
All blast on, burning the last sultry
Dream off, the real world is here,
No fantasy rush, just another day
Gone by, another days final flush,
To sit and watch the swirl, of trees
Flying by, I take a deep breath
Let out soulful sigh, and realise
Today, is like all of the rest, you
Try hard as possible to always
Give your best, yet sometimes just
Sometimes, that beast of rebellion
Uncurls deep inside, that child that
We all once were looks around with
A cry, shouting, “What have you done!
With all of our dreams held so dear?
Where is the happy state, we always
Felt was so near? Where is the love?
The job satisfaction? Where is the
Caring, selfless compassion?
Where is the hero, that one we all
Are? Where have you led me?
When we had already come so far?
Why have you done this? Why take
It laying down? Why not live our lives
Now? Turn scowls upside down?
Where are we headed? Why do we
Want to go down there? Where is
Our head at? Why look deep down
There?” Then that little piece of
Sane self, the part we keep on the
Shelf, grabs us by our own collars,
Lifts us up on our feet, looks us
Sternly in the eye, pinches each
Stinging cheek, and tells us to behave,
To stop being so silly, and we know
They are right, with dry thank you
In throat, because we are looking
Into our own eyes, ourselves but
Remote, the ones we had sacrificed,
Who we felt left behind, have battered
Down internal doors, to come and
Save their own kind. We thank you
Other selves, you really came just
In time, we were about to do
Something dangerously unnecessary,
You have freed us from our own selves,
Let’s speak no more about this,
Moving right along, there’s no need
To make any more of today’s rush
To the line. Just rest dear true selves,
Go back and sleep in your rooms,
I’ve got this all covered.
You’re safe from me, I swear.
Rest, dear friends, rest well,
For the day’s nearly done, the flare
Of frustration’s course’s nearly run,
The negative internal vibes have
All been grounded away, head back
To your rooms, go relax, run and play,
Tomorrow will come as always, just
Another simple day, rest my selves,
Rest well, your job has been done,
See I still am a hero, even though
The only one I save is myself.

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