sun-soaked slide

Long day, justly run
Short battles far from won,
‘Nother bite-sized chunk
Of timed daylight spent, watching
But not watching the hours
As they went, crawling, not so much
As flying by, work done meticulously
Like life-long held sigh,
Far too few
Lessons for hours burnt
Another day, spent
All too soon, lucky today’s
Outside sunlit room,
Life’s own laughter, nature’s kiss,
Vitamin D, sorely missed.

Soft breeze, tastes of sand,
Promising summer, ever closer
To hand, this last rhyme, nearly spun,
Work is over, time for home, laughter
Love and fun.

Dearest family awaits, one last
Run, baked trainbox packed,
Or half-so filled, all soaked in summer’s
Promise-tinted rose, chilled and happy
Slow and warm, this is the time
When calm is the norm.

Even three, ever so slightly
Sloshed workmate friends, wend
Happily homeword, no animosity
To hand. This is the time, when sap
Arises, so look round, eyes wide
For life’s little surprises.

Happy summer begins my friends!
Let’s hope this one,
Never ends. 😉

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