Is the place where I sit,
Quietly watching the world pass by
While collapsing slowly, all pretense
Gone, for this is the quiet time
And all of the noise outside only
Reminds me of the quiet inside,
Like a ringing bell or shouting voices
Thudding dully through 2 metres of water,
Breathe held, deep, until lungs and
Eyes burn, then let go in an out-
Ward gush of bubbled exhalation,
Taking the stress of too long held up
Right back, stiff upper lip crumbling
Beneath the weight released, held
For so long day and night, nowhere
To crawl inside and die a little
Only to be reborn, like the phoenix,
Life from ashes, dust to breathe just
As it has always been, from the
A pulse, the rhythm of worklifelove
Everything thumping through my veins,
The pant of my forever breeze, softly
Blowing through colddeepdark chasms
In my mind, just so, yes
This sounds so much like one I knew
Before, the one gone now, forever
Yet far from forgotten, breath held
For another moment, pause in time
The city awakening, corner chosen,
Pop music ringing tinnitus in my ears,
Reminding me of the degredation of
Time, lower back and knees reminding
Me I am not only human but also
Older now,
Am I any wiser?
Is wisdom only holding your
Tongue, to figure it out before
You speak, or is it simply suffering
Enough, for long enough in silence,
Alone, to understand and share all
Else, everyone else’s suffering and
So realise there is no need to speak
Out, for all that needs to be said
And done, will be so, for life works
All things out in the end.

To take part, without
Fighting the flow, to be one
At peace, without
Giving in, rolling over, giving up
Quitting, letting go, without
Falling down, so easy to say
Yet so very hard to do,
Would you not agree?

Yes you.

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