what’s up?

The sky
Blue and clear as a newborn’s eyes
Remembering moments of pure
Bliss, weekend all day barbeques
Nothing amiss,
England’s awakening from winter’s
Cold dark shadow, and life awakens
Brash, bold, beautiful, just for
You and I to enjoy, to smile,
Breach the ice that holds each other at
Arm’s length, breed instead
The warmth of human contact,
With smiling shared and laughter,
Remember that, no matter how bad
It is, someone else always
Has it worse. Feel the spring in
Step, bounce in heel, remember to
Breath easy, for tomorrow will come
Come what may, be happy
Right here, right now
Today, for forever tomorrow’s will
Come and go, with no real break
In the flow, and all we are left with
Is what and who we know, so
Cherish each other, for there is
No promise of tomorrow’s light,
Enjoy the sunshine now, today,
You know it feels right, smile and
Share your warmth come what may,
Before forever tomorrow’s come
To stay.

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