Sadlonelyemptyache, born
Of lost things found, and
Lost again, self-same circle
Of longing begun, ful-
Filled, now empty aching
Has begun.

For my love is
Not here, although not
Far, by far, she lives
Forever within me, inter-
Twined lives and love for-
Ever more mine, as
I hers.

Into this confusing mess
Pot of swirling happy buzz-
Gone now, leaves me sub-
Dued, yet not dude still,
So still inside, sad but yet
Not sad, lost, not yet
Found, just so, just me
Missing you,
Missing me.

Please come home, my
Love, that is my soul-
Food, making my world
Sing harmoniously in tune
With itself, and all round,
Still, not still, yet sad,
Not sad, just aching for
You, please come home,
Please come home.

I know it is only,
A day or two, not long,
Considering the life-time
I already waited, for me,
For you, to be as one, just
So, as one. And as I sit,
Staring past phone at yellow
Painted wood gym floor,
Hearing but not hearing
Instructor’s shouts, encouraging
Children to work harder,
Try harder, because anything
Worth doing, is worth doing
Right, worth waiting for.

And so the child inside
Me, still afraid of being left
Out alone in the cold, must
Learn your loving touch will
Return, your smile will shine
Once more, your sweet perfume
To fill my mind and soul with
Light, making everything around
Me bright, with love, with warmth,
And everything in between,
And so I know it all will be well.

To miss you, even happier
Than I have ever been before,
Joyful in a life well lived, loved
Through and through, I know this
Is only a minor test, one of many,
That this life will throw our way,
So bring it on I say, bring on the
Dry hot ache burning missing
You, because I can take it
I say, I can take it for I
Love you with all of
Me, my love, with
All of me,

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