ghost child

Today I saw, walk back
From work to the train, just
Another normal day, breathing
In the freedom, of time earned, a
Smile near breaking, as I watch a young
Girl, maybe 2, dodge her mom’s hand
While crossing the road, my smile
Dying as she wanders too far,
Parent inside wishing she
Would cross safely, mind
Showing the great
Yellow bus coming
All too fast, all
Too soon.

Then they cross,

My mind wanders. I am
Still in that space between
Dream and waking, wandering
Through the damp familiar streets
Of my own mind, wondering what to
Have for dinner, when I see the couple
Standing staring back past my shoulder,
At the now empty road, and I look with
Them, for them, searching for that
Little girl, nowhere to be seen,
No longer a little girl but the
Phantom of a dream
Memory shared, lost
Waking dream,
Shared again,
Lost again,

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