fuck pretension in all its ugliness

Fuck pretension;
Irritation burns slight,
Like salt on a minor wound,
The bugbear of small minds,
Pretending to think big, in the
Small space, between our ears,
Where we all live, our own realities,
Forever buried in memory’s bliss,
For we are nothing more than
The sum of all parts, the final
Output of today’s equation,
Only to be written again in
Tomorrow’s fire and ice,
Still small minds, high
On probable cause,
For no reason than
Their own self-
Revert to
The final resting
Place, for small minds,
Restless in their endless
Search for something more
Than this endless death at night,
Born again, Christian or not, in the
Morning, still themselves, still the same
Yet no more than the summation of all parts,
No more than they were the day before,
Yet still yearning for a deeper truth,
Proof that one more day spent
Searching, was a day un-
Wasted, falling back, on
Putting down others,
Because they/I are
Different, and
Still the bully-
Up bitter
Taste, I
Am as
As you,
No matter
What I like to
Watch, see, or do,
I am as thoughtful,
Caring, understanding
And true, just because I
Have a different opinion,
And find the film a dullard
Bore, does not make me dim,
But rather your response to my
Attempt to be reasonable, to treat
It as a taste disliked, personal to my
Very core, makes you and your smallish
Schoolyard bullying mind, bitter as a
Tyrant’s whore, for meanness is only
Ignorance squared, close-minded-
Ness’ cousin’s friend’s lover’s
Bitch, the dead pet fish
Choking to death sadly
On the floor. So next
Time you open curl-
Ed lips, pursed with
Angers sharpened
Tongue creased,
Realise you are
Already lost
To bitter
Lost and
Empty soul-
Less falseness,
Not the high-priest’
Preaching promises of
True sight and forever
Sure righteous truth, just
Adding your voice to bitter
Bile tides of putrid shit, that
Mirrors ripples out in seas of it
Until we suffocate under feelings
Of hate, and forget the friendliness’
Escape, that love is for one and all the
Same, that life is one long repetitive game
And only those who see the truth, that
Ugle words damage sender more than
Me, realise that it takes an open mind
To accept what mean hearts and
Small minds so rarely see, that
I have an opinion that is mine
To keep, and just as right as
Yours you see, so the next
Time you open smiling lip
And spin out pretentious
Shit, remember opinion
Is so much me, that I
Can like and see and
Be, whatever I want,
Cause that’s

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