Journey to the centre of the ITIL

Service Management was such a drag,
And Finance thought IT in the bag,
As the poorer cousin to money’s way,
Until ITIL came along to save the day.

Before ITIL there was no sight,
Of technology’s fortune, wrong or right,
Yet now with Service Request to lead the way,
We can actually see what is, and do what we say.

Then along comes Incident, to protect the user,
The business customer, victim to IT’s bruiser,
With a quick turn-around to fix the issue,
We pat customer’s on the back, and pass the tissue.

Incident’s role plain to see,
Problem traipses along with glee,
And displays all of Incident’s dirty laundry,
Using trend analysis to solve the quandary.

Following Problem, Change is next in line,
To lock down mistakes, all in good time,
To minimise risk, Change’s big brother,
And protect Release and deploy, Change’s father and mother.

From Change’s mistake bursts Incident’s leader,
Major Incident storms in, making everything teeter,
Yet with Continuity and Disaster Recovery hanging around,
We happily take Major Incident down, pound for pound.

Now on top of this whole darn terminology mess,
We add on Capacity backed by Configuration & Asset’s finesse,
Then Availability comes along to watch the Event,
With Financial Management to pay the rent.

Finally Customer Services steps on board,
To measure the performance and fight the hoard,
With Service Analysis and Reporting in tow,
And Service Levels showing the way to go.

It takes all of Knowledge’s wily way,
To turn the tides of dissent on customer’s dismay,
With the Service Desk skilled to the hilt,
Keeping business as usual running full tilt.

With Information Security watching the gate,
To ensure that IT arrives safely, if a little late,
Service Strategy hands off to Design and Transition,
With Service Operations fighting for pole position.

Along comes Continual Service Improvement to save the day,
Although sometime in the future, in a Utopia far, far away,
When all of the statistics finally make sense,
And best practice becomes present tense.

Now all of the happy customers, consultants too,
Deliver real benefits, driving change on through,
And even if the measurements are not always clear,
We know that a best practice expert is always near.

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