waiting sounds

the sound of people
Waiting, as if somewhere
to go were a natural birthright,
right for some but not others
and still the unsettlingly calm
buzz, of people humming their
comfortable dissidence, with
holding on, like the quiet murmur
an aural hug, paused anticipation
murmuring silence as train approaches
so calm, just another pasttime missed,
lonely call of the calm empty heart, not
empty of love, just the opposite, empty
of longing, of loss, of sadness, and so
emptied, so full of love, happiness, completion,
for this is the murmuring of a happy future,
energetic buzz calming whisps of worry
away, until all that remains is that quiet
general human thrum of waiting time
burned, huddled close on cold platform,
watching puffs of cold white from breathing
bodies, til train arrival breaks the shared
monotony, filling it with shifting noise and
moving hearts, people flowing up and off,
gone, leaving empty platform paused,
until more bustling, vibrating, breathing
humanity fills the empty void between
lost moments, only to start all over

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