Laying awake,
Heart racing with the possibilities,
Like a kid in a candy store, too
Hyper to try any new flavours out,
Satan’s mind-spin cycle class, just
Flipping between what is
And what could be, don’t blow it all
Now, trying not to tear it all down.

Excitement at future states
Not yet reached, nor even considered,
Nothing more than a boyhood dream
Come true or false it no longer matters,
For here and now is all there is,
Yet still, here and now, I cannot sleep,
Let alone find peace, just more
Nightmare heart-racing spin cycle junk,
Leaving every nerve ending
Humming like a well-oiled, hyper
Tuned, over-revved machine, engine
Shaking itself to bits, still in
Neutral, yet not still in bits

Why am I so excited? Nothing
Has changed, just as nothing
Changes, so does everything not
Stay the same, as I know all too well,
So why this hypertension of self,
When all around me is still, and
Even the cat and kitten have given
Hardwood floor a rest, still, yet
Not still am I, laying here, heart racing,
Breathe come fast, so fast that
Sleepless time flies, in the face of all reason,
I should be tired, yet still I lay awake,
Yet not still, still.
Rather twitchy.

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