Coming home

to roost, happy as
a cat who’s got the
cream, living a life
that was once a dream,
all I can say is, “I am
here, ready to take it
all, everything I have
ever held so dear, and
hold it closer than my
own true self, never to
forget the journey far,
all tears shed, muscles
torn, eager ego rumbled
hard, shaken standing up
so long, so far, still and yet
not still, no more, tapping
footsteps damp on floor, my
one true wish has already come
true, that I am he, coming home
to you, my sweetest love, whose
tenderest kiss, traces ghost circles
teasing dry-chapped lips, until
the moment of open door, with
you smiling, standing there, happy
once more, may I remind myself
dreams do come true, if you keep
on fighting, just for you, at the end
of nightmare’s forever razor-bladed
ride, where each long night sliced
deeper inside, until raw scraping
cold hard steel drew screams, of
tortured lonely shattered dreams,
measured in heart torn silent tears
once shed, of lonely empty endless
dread, now coming home to youy dear, there is nothing left that is
empty here, instead all is filled with
brightness and light, for everything
is just so, just right, and all I can say
forever from the me, is you are my
one true love, and this is my dream
life, just you and me.

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