i miss

Your body, wrapped around
Mine, our four legs inter-
Twined, your tousled locks,
Blond waves of sweetness pressed
Against my chest, warm morning glow
Through pyjama skin, my lips kiss
Your forehead, and you snuggle
Deeper in, burrowing your mind
Into certain deep, fighting the waking
Demons trying to disturb your rest-
Full sleep, your arms curled over and
Under my rising chest, my shoulder
Pinned beneath your heat, and all
I want to do is stay right here, perfect
Silence born on cotton down, our
Bodies wrapped, one curling shape,
My breath stroking seconds until we
Wake, this is the way of every day, to
Open my eyes, wishing wakfulness away,
Only to extricate myself against my will,
And wish I was there sleeping with you still,
So darling, so sweet, so perfect for me,
That going to work I am still folded in,
With your hot body luxuriating me down,
Your soft breath caressing my chest,
And my mind somewhere back cosy in my dream,
Where everything is perfect, just like
Our waking scene.

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