true love

runs deep, beneath the under-
currents writhing souls in our own
true internal River Styx of the dead
and gone, past, but not forgotten,
those we love carried forever in our-
selves, our hearts and minds forever
changed, altered for the better, our
every moment touched by those who
made our hearts sing, and we stand
here, in reverent silence, remembering
how it was to hold the ones we love,
smiling through the quiet tears trailing
down inside as we feel the warmth of
their humour, spinning what can be
such a cruel world into the love for life
that they represent, for now and forever,
for that is what they are to us, whether
close to hand, or watching over every
thing we do, we know they are happy,
sharing in our joys, revelling and cheering
at our triumphs, eyes dancing as they always
did, filling our souls with that love which never ends,
true love.

to all those who have lost love,
said goodbye to the centre of their world,
watched reality crumble as they stood
powerless to stop the march of time,
let us remember our truly loved as they
want us to remember, not as sad, or
ill, tired or old, but as vibrant reminders of how
life is lived, not survived. Let us live for
them, and them through us, through our
joys and sorrows, through our memory,
through our true love.

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