London Calling blaring
At 5am, I don’t live by
River, or crow like a
Rooster, yet a part of me
Still cries out to dance and
Sing, spin like a top, until so
Dizzy, the floor coming up to
Meet me is the only way to stop,
Childlike wonderous eyes open wide
To everything I see, everything around
Me, and still I spin back to the warmth of
Your body against mine, morning alarm
Bells not yet having cracked the
Comfort of dream-state, still happy and
Warm, deep-asleep, dreaming nothing
More than what has already happened,
What is happening now, for you have
Completed my life, shared with the love
Of our big family, keeping the home
Fires burning, just the happily ever
After I had given up on, all those years
Ago, so long, farewell to bad dreams,
Stress about everyday stuff the only
Demon left, aside from the little niggle-
Ing doubts, that somehow I dreamt
All this up, until the next time I hear
Your voice, feel your kiss, see your
Beautiful smile, so I can close my eyes
And sink back into the lovely dream
My life has become, a dream, that as
It’s real, is all the more wonderful,
Wonderful with you.

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