fairytale dawn

I awoke this morning,
Bad breath and aching joints,
Rolled out of bed and woke up,
As I do each day, only to realise
That each day I awake at home,
Is a fairytale dawn.

Without the blue skied,
Green-treed commute,
With winter or summer,
Spring or fall outside,
It is all the same, for I am
Blessed with the beauty within
My life, and the life within
My home.

For when I stepped back into
The room, fresh-shaven, wide-
Eyed, and saw you there, angel
To my self-proclaimed devil’s in
The detail over analytical self,
Your blond hair spread waterfall-
Like across the pillow, soft in sleep
Teddy keeping my bare sheets warm,
Looking up at me expectantly,
I held my breath for a moment’s pause,
And realised how lucky I really am.

Then slipping next door, I awoke,
As requested, not out of spite, our
Beautiful angel, who’s smile beats a
Thousand suns, the soul-love furnace
Full of life and spirit, and realised I am
Double-blessed, for non-religious me,
This is warmth, this is love, this is what
Others call God.

And smiling still, kissing both goodbye,
I welcomed brisk winter’s late brush, shivering
Sinuously up my spine to tickle my fingertips,
Bessie Jr waiting patiently for the morning’s commute,
My smile widening ever more as I realised
That I do have everything I ever wanted,
Everything I ever wished for,
Right here,
Right now,
at home,
My life
is love.

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