Morning ride

Bruised clouds tartan the morning sky,
Wiping sleep from tired eyes as the road
Roles on, beneath wheels buzzing with speed,
And a mind falling behind, this is the way I spin,
The work coming up, another day full of fun,
Meetings and paperwork, until the day is done,
Home again, home again, jigged-jog, like the old
Man rolling home, mind lost in the fog.

And still I remember, childhood dreams coming true,
Of perfect summer days, and sweet happy futures with you,
When I open the door, long tread down the path done, and
You step into my arms, I realise I am the lucky one, for
I have all of my dreams come true, right here and now,
And there is nothing more to wish for, ever, except
One more day to enjoy the happy homecoming moment
Frozen in time.

So waking up early, crisp morning mist, light already
Broken, kissing you both goodbye, I get into the car
And desk-side watch time fly, for this is the way it goes
Until retirement comes, early or late, self-effacing reality
Flying in the face of the dreams we once had, but no matter
For life is what we make of it, we shuffle the cards in our hand
And turn to one another, asking questions we don’t really
Understand, even if they were answered, we would be
None the wiser, so says blue battered bruised clouds,
Hanging low overhead, as I drive into work, another
Day to come, and enjoy the ride, from morning dark light
To evening’s warm kiss, this is the life of happy,
Warm, cuddles, and family at home,
Nothing could be better,
After so long

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