I still miss


Your life-giving smile,
Wrapped up in a world
Of do’s and don’t’s, where
Even the strongest break
Down, you were our anchor,
Our backbone against the bend
Of seemingly unbearable weight,
The one, energy flowing, glowing out
Wards, given to one and all, the same
No matter what the cost was, you
Stayed true to who you were
Your beautiful soul a beacon,
Able to change others by seeing them,
Treating them, as they wished they were, deep
Down amongst their own demons of fear,
Their deepest self felt the warmth of your
Love and compassion, and surged instantly
Bursting into the light of day, more
Magical than any rabbit out of hat,
Your ability to change people by making
Them come out of their shell, as chrysalis
Becomes butterfly, so your magic touch,
Gentle smile filled with a love that never
Waned, nor wavered, nor weakened,
Brought out the person they wished they were,
Beautiful souls would unfold, just as you
Knew they would, just by being around them,
For you loved them, just as you loved all,
And they loved you for the beauty you
Reminded was inside, always there,
You, stronger than any love they had ever
Felt, filling them with love and compassion
Until all they could do was be born as the
Beauty you saw in them. That magic, a greater
Power than I have ever witnessed, love,
Pure, beaming from your every pore, flowing
From you out to everyone you came into
Contact, that was your super power, yet
So simple, pure, you, through and through
The strongest human being I have ever met,
And yet so soft, gentle, loving, kind,
Giving all of yourself without consideration
Of cost, always looking to help others,
You, showing me by your being, how life affirming
Love, true, unadulterated, pure compassion
Could change the world one person at a time,
An embodiment of all that is beautiful in life, still
You reach out to all of those blessed by Your beautiful soul, our hearts over flowing,
Filling our lives with the warmth of your
Fierce compassionate life affirming love,
We will always miss you, the strongest soul
I have ever met.

The world needs more of you.

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