Morning duty

The grey rain splashes words
Wiped clear each swiping moment,
Rhythmic tender stroking slide,
Squeaking clean, life taken once
Per stride,  and still the nonsense spins
Around, deep inside where up is down,
Your loving smile and gentle touch, enough
To keep the demons down,  and still they
Spin, and spit they’re rage, at dancing lonely
On internal stage, ‘stead laughing gaily as
Once were free, now trapped inside the
Stories, three strong and healthy happy we,
With love, and care, compassion, free
To wend our own private story together,
The love we feel, our own happy forever,
And still the mishcevious glint in eye,
When all we want is right nearby,  yet still
We dance, and sing, and ache, without the
Caution of age’s sake, for ever we are in
Between our own, our love, our life, our family,
Our home.

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