When sorrow sits

On your chest


The hangdog look

On your face,

And all the world seems

Like the least unfriendly place,

You may be down,

But not out, for

There is still something left

In the tank.

Just gotta push

Right on through

Til the you

That you once knew

Can ride the wave

Of happiness again;

Just another ripple in the ocean,

Wave to be ridden,

Dip in the clackety-clack

Of old wooden rollercoaster pull

Up the long slope to that first steep drop,

Heart in throat, then stomach in brain,

Whooshing down to the bottom,

Then back up again.

The asinine flow

Of life’s ups and downs,

Raising us into the air,

Only to smash us back to the ground.

Still we ride the wave,

Feel the flow,

Let rip,

Let it go,

Because there is no

Other way to be –

That is you

And this is me.

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