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“Illegal immigrant” is a bigot’s term

To all the so-called US patriots (and other “patriots” of other countries):-

Labelling a human being “illegal,” is by its very nature dehumanising them.

So let’s start with terminology.

I think the word we are looking for is, “undocumented” immigrant.

According to the US Constitution, there is no such thing as an “illegal” immigrant.

That is a term used by conservatives, right wingers, racists, and bigots to dehumanise other human beings, to justify treating them inhumanely. (See Nazis for labelling Jewish people “it” rather than “him” or “her,” to dehumanise them to make it easier to justify murdering millions.)

With regards to UNDOCUMENTED immigrants, they are actually legally protected under our US Constitution;

“As an undocumented immigrant, you do have constitutional rights here in the United States,” she said, “and that has been said over and over in the courts, that they do have constitutional rights.””

Therefore, anyone spouting a “send them back where they came from” blanket response to UNDOCUMENTED immigrants is counter to Constitution law precedent, and therefore fundamentally unAmerican, and therefore the opposite of the patriotism one purports to feel towards America. (In other words, the very use of the term “illegal immigrants” is unpatriotic, as well as bigoted.)

We can all have an opinion, but please avoid selling happy horseshit as fact.

ANYONE using the term “illegal” when applied to human beings (or any living being for that matter) is a bigot (either unknowingly, or, having read this post, on purpose).

Here is some info on why labelling anyone “illegal” is wrong, from a technical standpoint – …

And from a linguistic standpoint –


When sorrow sits

On your chest


The hangdog look

On your face,

And all the world seems

Like the least unfriendly place,

You may be down,

But not out, for

There is still something left

In the tank.

Just gotta push

Right on through

Til the you

That you once knew

Can ride the wave

Of happiness again;

Just another ripple in the ocean,

Wave to be ridden,

Dip in the clackety-clack

Of old wooden rollercoaster pull

Up the long slope to that first steep drop,

Heart in throat, then stomach in brain,

Whooshing down to the bottom,

Then back up again.

The asinine flow

Of life’s ups and downs,

Raising us into the air,

Only to smash us back to the ground.

Still we ride the wave,

Feel the flow,

Let rip,

Let it go,

Because there is no

Other way to be –

That is you

And this is me.

Social death

When all the noise,

The world quiets down,

And what’s left –

Glowing screen-lit eyes,

Face down.

When all apps are empty,

Scoured for every last little bit,

And we look up, and realise

What’s what,

The truth glares us back in the mind;

All online is empty.

Like followers of a false hope,

God and life digitised to 1s and 0s,

Those of us who have not battened down,

Find ourselves blown away,

Forgetting what it means

To be human, and swing

In the breeze of happenstance

And broken thoughts;

A life left hanging in the balance,



Something unseen
Deep inside,
Not outwards facing,
But rather who we are,
And what we do.

This thing called life,
A conundrum,
Puzzle of the ages,
Not answering to any
Or wherefor,
But rather dancing
Capriciously close to the edge
Of that same abyss we all share,
Like the clown from hell,
Razorg sharp teeth
Coated in blood,
Evil glint in eye,
But what is inside?