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“Illegal immigrant” is a bigot’s term

To all the so-called US patriots (and other “patriots” of other countries):-

Labelling a human being “illegal,” is by its very nature dehumanising them.

So let’s start with terminology.

I think the word we are looking for is, “undocumented” immigrant.

According to the US Constitution, there is no such thing as an “illegal” immigrant.

That is a term used by conservatives, right wingers, racists, and bigots to dehumanise other human beings, to justify treating them inhumanely. (See Nazis for labelling Jewish people “it” rather than “him” or “her,” to dehumanise them to make it easier to justify murdering millions.)

With regards to UNDOCUMENTED immigrants, they are actually legally protected under our US Constitution;

“As an undocumented immigrant, you do have constitutional rights here in the United States,” she said, “and that has been said over and over in the courts, that they do have constitutional rights.””

Therefore, anyone spouting a “send them back where they came from” blanket response to UNDOCUMENTED immigrants is counter to Constitution law precedent, and therefore fundamentally unAmerican, and therefore the opposite of the patriotism one purports to feel towards America. (In other words, the very use of the term “illegal immigrants” is unpatriotic, as well as bigoted.)

We can all have an opinion, but please avoid selling happy horseshit as fact.

ANYONE using the term “illegal” when applied to human beings (or any living being for that matter) is a bigot (either unknowingly, or, having read this post, on purpose).

Here is some info on why labelling anyone “illegal” is wrong, from a technical standpoint – …

And from a linguistic standpoint –


When sorrow sits

On your chest


The hangdog look

On your face,

And all the world seems

Like the least unfriendly place,

You may be down,

But not out, for

There is still something left

In the tank.

Just gotta push

Right on through

Til the you

That you once knew

Can ride the wave

Of happiness again;

Just another ripple in the ocean,

Wave to be ridden,

Dip in the clackety-clack

Of old wooden rollercoaster pull

Up the long slope to that first steep drop,

Heart in throat, then stomach in brain,

Whooshing down to the bottom,

Then back up again.

The asinine flow

Of life’s ups and downs,

Raising us into the air,

Only to smash us back to the ground.

Still we ride the wave,

Feel the flow,

Let rip,

Let it go,

Because there is no

Other way to be –

That is you

And this is me.

Social death

When all the noise,

The world quiets down,

And what’s left –

Glowing screen-lit eyes,

Face down.

When all apps are empty,

Scoured for every last little bit,

And we look up, and realise

What’s what,

The truth glares us back in the mind;

All online is empty.

Like followers of a false hope,

God and life digitised to 1s and 0s,

Those of us who have not battened down,

Find ourselves blown away,

Forgetting what it means

To be human, and swing

In the breeze of happenstance

And broken thoughts;

A life left hanging in the balance,



I look around,
And wonder why
So many people
Have pushed the button
On self-destruct.

I know human beings
Can be selfish and mean,
Horrendous and spiteful,
Then turn around, and
Blow us away, with
Blazing insight and
Unbridled compassion.

So why is it,
That all that I read,
In the main-stream news,
Are idiots’ views, the selfish
And mean, close-minded, hateful
Meme, of the “us” and the “them,”
Strident voices of ludicrously short-
Sighted hate, self-aggrandising voices,
Who, in their inane chatter,
Drown out common sense,
Insensing the followers,
And anti-followers alike,
This great brain-washed subconscious leakage,
Global in spill,
Human-kinds current poison of choice,
Our very own,
Species’ suicide pill.

I watch,
And I listen,
To all those who whisper,
And shout,
The calm
And the strident,
And all in between.

The lovers,
The fighters,
The meek
And the mean.

And all I really take in,
The rhythm beneath the noise,
Is the growing pains
Of a world at war
With itself,
The birth of a new global order,
Unfortunately grasped
As is usual
By the furiously greedy few,
Who see the opportunity,
To screw everyone who isn’t them,
Using mass fear, and racial tension,
To pull the wool over the majority’s eyes,
While they busily reshuffle the deck,
Prep for check-mate,
Before moving in for the kill,
So sure of themselves,
And their control (money) over free will.

What these same arrogant,
Self-satisfied few
Have forgotten, is that
Tens of thousands of
Years ago,
In humanity’s beginning,
Even those who imagined
An all powerful being,
In whatever shape, form, or number,
The one thing that omniscient presence
Could not control
Was free will.

And to the powers that be,
In light of the truth,
And all that has led
To the hear and now,
Your time is coming.

For in the fertile earth,
That you till, taking more
Than your fair share,
Trodding over all other living things,
You also plant the seeds
Of your own destruction.

Like I said at
The beginning, the sorrow
I feel
As I watch this global car crash
In slow motion
Extends to those
Who believe that they are in
The driver’s seat;
You know not what you do.

And to the rest;
Open your eyes,
Hope and believe,
Open your heart,
Be compassionate,
For love and an open mind
Will be all the power any of us
Have left
When the dust settles.

Here’s to hoping
That we stop the train,
Or at least slow it down,
Before our world becomes a train wreck,
And we all suffer equally
For the greed of the few.


Such is life,
That it batters us
About, choking us with
The dust of what
Could have been,
Covering us
In boiling internal oil,
Muffling us
From shouting out,
Heating us
To explosion,
Then drip-drying us
Out, so that all that remains
Is what we went in
With; our thoughts,
Our intent,
The goodwill in our
Hearts, as that is all
That really counts,
The rest is just detail
To distract.

I love you with all of me,
In fact,
You are my soul in legs,
Better, smarter, funnier,
More talented by far,
Than I have ever been,
Or will ever be,
The best of me,
And so much more,
The wide, exciting
Horizon, laid out before you,
A gift, to step out into the great wide unknown,
Your life, your choices, your path,
All your own.

I will always be here,
Anytime, day or night,
Not telling you what to do,
Or guiding wrong from right –
I don’t need to, as you’ve got that down pat –
Just here to listen, and sometimes pitch in,
A shoulder to pinch, punch, or cry on,
A home to weather any storm,
Your father, so proud of everything you do
Since the day
You were born.