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Something unseen
Deep inside,
Not outwards facing,
But rather who we are,
And what we do.

This thing called life,
A conundrum,
Puzzle of the ages,
Not answering to any
Or wherefor,
But rather dancing
Capriciously close to the edge
Of that same abyss we all share,
Like the clown from hell,
Razor sharp teeth
Coated in blood,
Evil glint in eye,
But what is inside?

fairytale dawn

I awoke this morning,
Bad breath and aching joints,
Rolled out of bed and woke up,
As I do each day, only to realise
That each day I awake at home,
Is a fairytale dawn.

Without the blue skied,
Green-treed commute,
With winter or summer,
Spring or fall outside,
It is all the same, for I am
Blessed with the beauty within
My life, and the life within
My home.

For when I stepped back into
The room, fresh-shaven, wide-
Eyed, and saw you there, angel
To my self-proclaimed devil’s in
The detail over analytical self,
Your blond hair spread waterfall-
Like across the pillow, soft in sleep
Teddy keeping my bare sheets warm,
Looking up at me expectantly,
I held my breath for a moment’s pause,
And realised how lucky I really am.

Then slipping next door, I awoke,
As requested, not out of spite, our
Beautiful angel, who’s smile beats a
Thousand suns, the soul-love furnace
Full of life and spirit, and realised I am
Double-blessed, for non-religious me,
This is warmth, this is love, this is what
Others call God.

And smiling still, kissing both goodbye,
I welcomed brisk winter’s late brush, shivering
Sinuously up my spine to tickle my fingertips,
Bessie Jr waiting patiently for the morning’s commute,
My smile widening ever more as I realised
That I do have everything I ever wanted,
Everything I ever wished for,
Right here,
Right now,
at home,
My life
is love.

just gone

I miss you already,
Although just gone,
Your sweet kiss a wisp,
Leaving me smiling alone,
The morning just waking,
Teddy’s poo on the floor,
Sharp tang of bleach and soap,
Take over the kitchen once more.

Your gentlest touch, cold
To touch, your twinkling eyes
Still on mine, the cats playing as
Always, and the old smelly guy’s
Still fine.

The waking house, Sky still
Sleeping, ticking clocks in my ear, stereo
Clicking away the time of the year, and yet
Still I can see you, still smiling, still mine, your
Wicked sense of humour, your gorgeous self tangled
With mine.

Peace at last,
Still inside, calm from the whirling storm,
Meteors touching down in Russia like a dream,
Sci-fi movie come true, Bible-thumpers screaming
The world’s ending too soon, while our hopes are
Still warm, our eyes up to the sky, the cats are
Still playing, Teddy growling his dissent,
Wishy whinging for love, Sky snoozing
In her room, and me thinking of you,
This is life as we know it, no surprise
It is true, and the only perfection
That we don’t already have,
Is to tie that sacred knot,
When I get to marry,

Seagulls tease of oceans far

Seagulls tease
Of oceans far
Reminding me
Of salt memories

Of splashing waves
And sandy beaches
Of happy summers
Decades gone.

Yet still the thought
Of happy childhood
Echoed in the large birds’ cry
Taints the sharp cold bite of morning

Under the faint grey blue sky.

Poemetics – poetry anthologies volumes 1-3 published online…

Hello all there out there in blog land…

I spent a good few hours over the weekend creating and publishing a handful of poetry anthologies entitled “Poemetics Volume 1…” to “Poemetics Volume 3…” on the ‘Smashwords’ website (smashwords.com).

You can find all three Poemetics volumes (now on Amazon instead of Smashwords) in one volume available for download here.

I will soon be adding ISBN references to them to get them onto Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and others.

Even only having them available on Smashwords (taking into account I have no idea how big this site’s user base is) these books were downloaded more than 100 times from about midnight Friday to lunchtime today – a very impressive statistic for a set of poetry anthologies for an unknown author on a single website.

It will be very interesting to see how this changes or expands (hopefully!) when these go online to the main ebook suppliers.

I am considering having these published as a ‘Print On Demand’ single volume book.

Any thoughts? (Feedback on the back of a postcard with some pretty scenery…it makes the day go by quicker and covers the holes in the walls.)

Until next time, live long and prosper! 🙂