By the River

Sit and watch the swans dance
Sublime across liquid time,
Ripples sparkle with dying light,
Edge the night’s winning battle with day,
Waning as it does towards the end
All the while wondering at time lost,
Another echo in the well of lives remembered,
When eyes still burned with amazing grace
As each new dawns golden light broke
Once upon a time, not forgotten but tasted
Instead on tip of soul’s forked tongue,
Not lies at least, embellishments of memory’s fickle grasp
Love’s ghosts, favoured tastes of childhood’s own
Rose-tinted glasses, a hug, a smile, a coy glance
Forever lost in the quickly darkening water,
To surface again only in the glint of time’s remembered waltz,
The dying day’s final kiss bleeding light breaking sharp
Against the deep dark, swans sublime swimming
Cross micro waves of timeless wonder,
When will we next meet again, my heart
Is here when I next visit Kingston-

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