Still here, now where?

In the quieting soul stillness
That pervades each vibrating cell
Until any noise is more than the momentary cessation of quiet,
But rather the pointed reminder of inner calm, that
Permeates my being, flowing outwards in
Undulating waves of peace, from the very
Centre, my life force telling the rest to wait
Be patient, this is the eye of the
Storm, no more a safe haven
Than the cellar would be in an earthquake,
I am shaken down to my very core
And it is this vibration I feel,
Which in synchronicity cancels wave after wave
Of external and internal noise,
Until all that is left is the tinnitus bells
Signaling the death of full hearing,
And my own whispering voice
Reading these words.

Fine, all is well.
Still, all is calm.
Me, I am here
Is this all heading?

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