letting go

Do visual religious artifacts automatically discriminate against those who are blind? Shouldn’t all religion be from the heart, therefore accessible to blind, deaf, dumb or crippled? Doesn’t the visual segregation caused by wearing what amounts to religious ‘gang symbols’ or ‘gang colours’ increase the segregation and differences we feel as humans? Shouldn’t everyone be allowed to interpret their love in different ways, wearing different clothes? Why should everyone pray the same way? Is that not the same as brainwashing? Mindless following ‘belief’ is not the basis for love, compassion, family and understanding, but of difference, fear, anger and hate. Why does anyone need to ‘follow’ anything? Is it not time for anarchy of thought and belief, to step into a void of chaos of self and vision from which either the truth can emerge, or freedom is obtained? Are we not shackled to all of our thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, beliefs, fears, angers, all forms, shapes and sizes of emotional or psychological strife? Is not ‘letting go’ the birth of true freedom? Should we not let go of everything we hold onto, all that we grasp, to come to understand the true meaning of life? Are we humans, to born to think and breathe on our feet, or are we sheep, to stand dumbly as others preach what we should dowearthinkseehearfeelunderstandlove? If all we do is even so much as listen, truly stand still and listen, to ourselves, each other, the world around us, we may hear the truth, life’s great secrets, being whispered softly on the night breeze. And if not? Well, the worst outcome is that we ‘wasted’ some moments to just ‘be’ in and of ourselves, momentarily letting go of all ‘things’, all grasping. This is true freedom. This is true love. This is true peace. Or at least a taste.

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