Poemetics – poetry anthologies volumes 1-3 published online…

Hello all there out there in blog land…

I spent a good few hours over the weekend creating and publishing a handful of poetry anthologies entitled “Poemetics Volume 1…” to “Poemetics Volume 3…” on the ‘Smashwords’ website (smashwords.com).

You can find all three Poemetics volumes (now on Amazon instead of Smashwords) in one volume available for download here.

I will soon be adding ISBN references to them to get them onto Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and others.

Even only having them available on Smashwords (taking into account I have no idea how big this site’s user base is) these books were downloaded more than 100 times from about midnight Friday to lunchtime today – a very impressive statistic for a set of poetry anthologies for an unknown author on a single website.

It will be very interesting to see how this changes or expands (hopefully!) when these go online to the main ebook suppliers.

I am considering having these published as a ‘Print On Demand’ single volume book.

Any thoughts? (Feedback on the back of a postcard with some pretty scenery…it makes the day go by quicker and covers the holes in the walls.)

Until next time, live long and prosper! 🙂


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