Just ‘About’ anything…really…as long as you can read it!

I am an author (at heart at least).

I have been writing since I can remember – when other kids were playing in the sand during preschool I was crafting tiny foldaway books.

I would draw the cover of the book, title it, write all of the story, do all of the drawings and feel so very proud of myself when I was able to write in ‘The End’.

My first book had such a profound effect on me that I can still see where I was, probably no more than four or five years old, sitting in the middle of the classroom, studiously focused on my book, which as I recall was about a damsel in distress, a castle and a knight. (And I’ll be darned if it wasn’t hard to draw the teeny-tiny turrets on the castle fortress walls, but I did it!)

Many books were to follow, including two novel-length forays during a month of illness when I was 18.

Then for some reason it all stopped – life got in the way and fast forwarded me to the here and now.

So I thought it was about time to write another book…and two years later it is almost ready.

Not only that, but the “Killer Application” series of books (yes, I said series) has birthed a second book already (even though I’ve not finished the first).

I hope you like it – please come along for the ride as I rewrite the book to perfection (or as close as possible) and self-publish it as an ebook and POD (print on demand).

The pitfalls are many, the workload vast, the wordcount insanely high, yet I am undaunted – I am up to the task.

A nice little cheering squad would help me out no end when I hit those lows…so please come on in and sign up.

Your help in motivating me by reading and responding to what I write could be just the key to set me off on a fantastic journey as a writer.

I can’t promise you riches (I wish!) but I can promise you a good gas.

So come on for the ride – step inside and let me know your thoughts.

I look forward to learning more about you than you wish to say. 😉

Yours in trouble and out,


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