Trust, pounded into
My head and heart, one
Sledgehammer shouted ”
Liar!”after another, fiercepointing
Finger, bent middle knuckle
Leading reverseup to twisted
Sneer, pursed lips ever so un-
Kissable, hatredlaced eyes, high
Flushed cheeks, ragehateshitvenom
Piercing my deepest unborn self
Like burning spear of self-
Doubt unleashed, now amber cinders
Resemble glowing catseyes of rage
Unearthed by being lied to, where
It hurts the most, where the largest
Hole of self-doubt remains, and
Yet, mother earth came up and
Down to succomb blind fury, before
Life-born embers ignited to burn
Paper thin todayreality, only adding
To and spreading the misery of
Childhood forsaken, yet the pause
Saved me from myself, maybe for
The first time, hopefully not
The last.

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