blushing shy

A miscaught glance shared,
Grape half-poised to mouth,
Cheek reddened, down-turned
Eyes, momentary blush of
Exquisitely caught time, like
A fisherman reeling in perfect
Bespoke moments, wonderment
Born, what will the future bring,
For the blush triggered by mis-
Read happenstance, timing linked
To in-born hope, that self-same
Happy momentary promise-thought
That once raised flows further
Forward down would-have could-
Have should-have maybes, like
All other such instant daydreams
Sweeping us further from our-
Selves, as undercurrents of the
Shared sub-conscious, never controlled
Controlling, rather, our hearts carried
Away by our own sordid imagination,
Promising real solid occurrence from
A moment’s purest accident,
Yet not for me. What of norm would
Have me floating down a
Similar green-blue luke-warm
Dream stream instead reminded me
That I am somewhere else, thinking
Of someone never met, yet close to hand
As if somehow proximity was no
More real than forgotten summer’s
Kiss brushed gently across forever
Pursed lips. Come join me,
Celebrate this great love we
All share, remembering we are
But human, no more real, near
Or distant from those we miss
Than a stolen glance mistaken by
One as promises missed, by another
A tantalising reminder of someone
Not yet fully met, yet missed
All the same.

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