inside-out happy

Shit-eating grin,
What shit-eating grin?
With food and water running out
Is happiness sin?

We tough it through turmoil,
Fight strong through the night,
Chasing ‘way demons under
Pale moonlight, until dawn’s
Bright awakening bursts through
The night, with millions starving,
Many more in misery, being this
Happy, can it be right?

I may not have all the answers,
In fact hold very few, like
Why as sentient beings we
Hold such a narrow world view,
Not seeing the suffering every
Dripping tap cries, cheap food on
Our plates while the supermarket hides,
The dirty truth of its source, broken
Backs of our cousins, dying of
Starvation, malnutrition or hot lead,
Each inexpensive morsel we eat now,
Their lifeblood has fed.

Not being a saint, I eat the same,
Looking for a better choice, to
Step outside this game, thoughts
Circling back, seriously happy,
My heart sings a private song,
A duet at last, here comes the
Smile, a new life can begin.

With the world in this state,
Is true happiness sin?
If it is, I’m unrepentant, a sinner
Is me. I’ve waited long enough to
Be happy, you see. I’ll do my best
Change my food-eating habits,
Change my ways, for happiness
Can be more driven Good
Than Hollywood daze.

Love unrepentant,
Love hard, love long,
For when we are all dust
Only love carries on.

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