Love conquers all

You spend a lifetime, waiting
For the right one, the one for
You, so wrapped up in your daily
Life that when they do come, you
Are two years into true love, a half-
Step from marriage, and you stop
And pinch yourself, because you are
Well and truly happy, for once, and
It didn’t cost your soul, or require a
Massive sacrifice, or some Hollywood
Fairytale ending, but rather just hard
Graft, and hope, sprinkled with a dose
Of serendipity, to make all of your
Dreams come true, as if everything
Were just waiting to fall into place,
Busy hanging in the balance until such
Time as the pieces could simply fall
Into place, so easily, so smoothly, that
Even in retrospect, sitting in the cat-
Bird seat, you watch the world slot
Together, just as so many years ago,
So many times, you watched it crumble
So many times, so far, that you thought
It could never be whole again, never
Be balanced, even with all your hard work
Keeping your shit together, pulling
Yourself up by your own socks, telling
Yourself that it will get better, that it
Has to, until the sound of your own
Internal voice drones on like a monot-
Onous bedtime story nursery rhyme,
Putting all of your get up and go to bed,
Making some days hard enough to
Even get out of bed, those long slow
Cold days where the world spins on,
Leaving you standing stunned, silent,
And then you wake up one bright crisp
Morn, like today, and you realise that
Not only has your life moved on, and
You with it, your life is better, not just
Good but great, the fairytale has landed
Somewhere within your life estate,
And all you can do is pinch yourself,
Pinch and squirm and smile, because
Everything you have ever really wanted
Has come true all the while, so bear
With, and hang in, don’t fuss, and
Carry on, don’t quit, make good, and
Have the strength to stand alone, cause
Fairytale endings happen everyday,
No matter how bad it might seem to
Get, or how cold and lonely your way,
For life works in cycles, some are up,
And some down, but if you stick it out
Try your hardest, push when all energy
Fails, you’ll find yourself where I now am,
Happy, comfortable, no longer off the
Rails, for love conquers
All fear.

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