Wake up call

Early morning, crust just washed
Away, a bright start to a new day, the
Wet reminder of dog sick-soaked sock,
In the wash now, kitchen floor wet with
Night-time’s urgency, still it’s early, barely
Dawn, born of sleep, the groggy self still
Cracking open rough eyes, brain slow,
Molasses in July, still bright and shiny,
Kicking into high gear, then you, just awake,
Brighter eyed for years younger, smiling,
A hug and smile, warmth and love doled
Out, shuffling off to your own morning
Routine, then back to the semi-darkened room,
Slumbering beauty waiting for more cuddles
Kisses, all trailing me to the car, to work,
Happy voices, promises made, no more
Flashing anger to foggy dream, another
Warm hug and light kiss, dreaming my
Way to work, through morning traffic,
Parking with a smile, and only one wish
In my heart, that the happiness continues,
And that all should be as happy, continually,
I laugh while logging in, so much joy to be had,
Just another wonderful morning, life
Filled with love, warmth, and laughter,
It just doesn’t get better than this, does

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